Property Owners Help Center

My property is listed on another vacation rental site, so why should I list with you?

A.AlwaysOnVacation’s websites will advertise your vacation property to over 2 million people every month, in over 120 countries, who are looking to rent a vacation home. AlwaysOnVacation also advertises your vacation property on 60 partner websites like, presenting our customers properties to millions of additional travelers each month who are searching for a vacation property rental.

AlwaysOnVacation will increase your vacation property revenue by increasing the number of weeks your property is rented each year. Many owners advertise their property on more than one vacation rental website to maximize the total revenue that they earn each year. Join the more than 55,000 vacation rental property owners who list their properties on, and start increasing your vacation property rental income now.

What does it cost to make my property available to millions of travelers interesting in booking my vacation home?

A.You can start listing your property on the AlwaysOnVacation Distribution Network for as little as $199 a year, which gives you global distribution on our websites, and unlimited leads and bookings. To learn more about our packages.

What are the options to pay for my listing?

A.We accept these major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. We also accept PayPal, E-checks, and physical checks as payment options.

Do I have to complete my property listing form before it goes live and is visible to travelers on AlwaysOnVacation and the AlwaysOnVacation Distribution Network?

A.Yes, your property listing form must be completed before your property goes live on the AlwaysOnVacation network. It is used to input the property information that travelers will see when they are searching for a vacation rental.

Can AlwaysOnVacation help me create a great profile for my property listing?

A.Our Listing Specialists are available to create an attractive and compelling posting of your property listing; you can provide your property’s information to an agent by phone, fax, or email.

Can AlwaysOnVacation create a great profile for my property listing?

A.Our AlwaysCare staff can even complete the listing form for you. Simply provide us with the URL of a personal website that has your vacation rental’s property information and photos. Please note that AlwaysOnVacation cannot copy your property information from another listing company’s website.

Can I use HTML and design my property listing profile?

A.We do not allow HTML at this time.

How do I upload photographs of my property?

A.Attractive photos that highlight your property’s appearance and features play an important role in helping a traveler choose to rent your property versus another property. To upload photos, simply log on to your account, click the Photos link, and click the Browse button.  If you email photos to us to load, be sure to include your Property ID Number (e.g. 1484822), so your photos get applied correctly to your property’s listing.

Can I create a link to my website in my property’s listing?

A.Our Gold subscription package allows you to display live links to your property’s website page. View our subscriptions package options .

Can I post a video of my property?

A.Videos help your property stand out from other vacation rentals by giving travelers a virtual tour,and can help increase the quantity of bookings made with your property. Our Gold subscription package allows you to post a video of your property. View our subscriptions package options.

Does my listing have a direct URL for my property?

A.Every property published on AlwaysOnVacation has its own unique URL, so you can push traffic from other locations, and share your property’s link with potential renters.

Can I make changes to my listing at any time?

A.AlwaysOnVacation gives you access to your account anytime to make changes to your listing. Click to login to your account

How do I change my login, password, email address, or other contact information?

A.You can update your login, password, or the contact in your account. Simply log into your account, and select the Contact link. Click the profile tab if you want to change your login information.

How will I receive booking inquiries and booking requests?

A.Travelers who are interested in your property will contact you by submitting questions into the AlwaysOnVaction system. You will receive an email from AlwaysOnVacation with a link to log into your AlwaysOnVacation Inbox. You can respond directly to the traveler by replying to their message. All your messages with travelers who are interested in booking your property, or who have booked your property, are placed in your inbox.

How can I increase my booking income?

A.The faster your respond to a traveler’s questions or booking request, the more often booking inquiries will turn into bookings for you, generating more income to you.

According to our research, booking inquiries that are answered within 3 hours typically convert into rentals at a rate of 300% higher than slower responses. This is because most travelers inquire into more than one property at a time, and the chances of them choosing to rent your property increases if you are the first property to respond to their inquiry.

We also suggest that you can engage with the traveler. If your property is not available for the dates requested, you should still reply to see if the travel dates are flexible. If you are able to respond quickly with alternative dates, you’re more likely to turn a booking inquiry into a booking.

What should I do if I am not receiving many booking inquiries?

A.Properties with at least 10 attractive photos, a current availability calendar, a rate schedule, and listings of any special rates or last minutes discounts are most likely to receive booking inquiries by travelers. Adding rate specials is one of the easiest ways for your property to stand out. Be sure that your listing contains all amenities that your property has. Travelers often narrow their search for properties by choosing the amenities they want, and you will be included in more research results if your amenity list is complete.

Why do I seem to get booking inquiries, but hardly any bookings?

A.The two most common questions asked by travelers are 1) “Is your property available, and 2) how much will it cost to rent?” Make sure that your listing has a full rate schedule and an updated availability calendar to reduce booking inquiries that simply ask these questions, so you can receive inquiries from travelers who are looking to rent your property.

Make sure you respond to all booking inquiries within 3 hours of their submission. Typical AlwaysOnVacation property owners are able to convert 1 out of 4 booking inquiries, provided the inquiries are responded to within 3 hours. Always be sure to be polite and helpful. Remember, these are travelers that have options, and you want to make the rental of your property easy for the traveler.

How do I get reviews of my property?

A.Travelers that have stayed in your property can leave a property review on after their stay. After checking out of your property, all guests receive an email from AlwaysOnVacation, asking them about their stay and requesting that they submit a review of your property. We also encourage you to contact your guests after their stay directly to encourage them to submit a review!

What if I think a review of my property is unfair or inaccurate?

A.If you feel a review contains abusive, offensive language, or inaccurate information, report the review to us by logging in to your account and select the “Abuse” link near the review. If you want to update your profile to address an issue raised in a review, update your property listing to address the issue. We encourage you to use reviews of your property as opportunities to improve your property listings and get more bookings!

How is the listing search results sorted?

A.Search results on are displayed based upon our algorithms. We typically place properties with the Direct Booking System enabled on top, Gold listings are placed second, then Silver and Bronze properties. Each time the page is refreshed the properties will rotate within their subscription level.

Is there a guarantee?

A.AlwaysOnVacation does provide a success guarantee for your subscription period. If you do not receive a 10 times return on your subscription price during the first 12 months of your initial subscription, we will extend your subscription by six months free of charge!* * Providing you have at least 4 photographs active on your listing at all times, a full year’s rate table, and an active and updated availability calendar.

Do I need to be concerned about paying vacation rental taxes?

A.You will need to check with your local tax ordinances to ensure you are fully in compliance with any applicable city, county or state tax laws. If you are subject to local vacation rental taxes, you are responsible for paying them directly.

What is the auto-renewal policy for listings?

A.We recommend subscribing to AlwaysOnVacation’s automatic renewal feature to guarantee you don’t miss any bookings due to your property being removed. Plus, all property owners that subscribe to the AlwaysOnVacation automatic renewal feature receive a 10% subscription discount. If you have the automatic renewal feature activated, AlwaysOnVacation will send you a reminder email 14 days before the payment for automatic renewal is processed by email, along with instructions on how to opt-out of the automatic renewal, and to update your payment information. You will receive a receipt of payment once the automatic renewal is processed. Please note that you probably won’t receive a receipt from your credit card company on the renewal charge until 30 days have passed and you receive your normal monthly billing statement. If you wish to cancel your automatic renewal fee, you must do so within 7 days of the renewal date. See our Automatic Renewal Terms and Conditions by clicking .