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Vacation Rentals in Conwy

Conwy is an ancient walled town on the north coast of Wales sitting on the banks of the River Conwy. The town is a real hotspot for tourists with a number of excellent holiday rentals, and is one of the places where the old Welsh language is still in very widespread use.

The biggest pull for tourists is the imposing Conwy Castle, which was built for Edward I in the early 13th Century as part of his “iron ring” of fortifications to keep the newly conquered Welsh under control. Built on a rock above the Conwy Estuary, the castle is a magnificent sight, with eight immense round towers and soaring curtain walls. The view from the castle’s battlements is awe-inspiring, looking out across the mountains of Snowdonia and down to the sea. The battlements also give visitors a view of Conwy’s fabulous ring of town walls, which were also constructed under Edward I’s reign. English settlers were encouraged to move into the walled town, whilst the Welsh were forbidden to enter.

Medieval fortresses aside, there are also some other great attractions for visitors taking a holiday rental in Conwy. The Conwy Suspension Bridge was designed by Telford in 1826, and stretches across the river by the castle. The bridge’s magnificent supporting towers were designed to echo the turrets of the castle, and today it is, along with the original toll-keeper’s house, taken care of by the National Trust.

Aberconwy House is also maintained by the National Trust. This was one of the first proper houses to be built inside Conwy’s walls and was for a long time home to a merchant family. Alongside this, Conwy also boasts a fine Elizabethan house – Plas Mawr – which has undergone a wonderful restoration, as well as a building which is officially the smallest house in Great Britain, according to the Guinness Book of Records. This tiny dwelling was occupied since the 1500s and sits on Conwy quay, measuring just 1.8 metres by 3.05 metres. Conwy Suspension Bridge and Toll-keeper’s House are other major attractions, designed by Thomas Telford, and is easily accessible from any of the Conwy villas. Plas Mawr or “Great Mansion”, built in 1576, is probably the best preserved Elizabethan townhouse in Great Britain, which falls within a close proximity to several cottages in Conwy.

Llandudno is a beautiful tourist centre in Conwy, where the tourists can find a wide range of Llandudno holiday rentals. You can rent an accommodation in Conwy that suits your budget and style and enjoy a great holiday with your friends or family.
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