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A guest stayed longer than expected in the apartment so we ended up staying in Rhonda's house. She was wonderful!! We arrived on New Year's day, when most restaurants were closed. She took us with her to visit some friends who gave us plenty to eat and drink and made us feel at home. The next day, Rhonda drove us to the grovery store so that we could stock up on things to eat and drink. We had our own large bedroom, with a tv and internet access and our own bathroom. Her four dogs were friendly enough. By the end, I felt like I was staying with a friend.
Sharon Stern
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Vacation Rentals in Caribbean

For a wonderful holiday in Caribbean you will need to find the perfect Villa, Apartment and Home for your vacation. Among these holiday rentals in Caribbean you will find great properties with all the amenities you have come to expect, all offered for rent by friendly owners and property managers!

For your perfect Beach, Fishing and Golf holiday, please click on any city to see all the specific amenities and attractions for the perfect self-catering holiday rental Villa, Apartment and Home in Caribbean that are available to you at a tremendous value. A stay in any one of them will make you feel like you are always on vacation!
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